Exercise after LEEP

Hi there!
Looking for some advice! Im scheduled to have LEEP done in a few weeks, but i am a dancer in full time training! The issue i am having is that i have a dance show two weeks after my appointment, i was wondering if i would be okay to dance two weeks after? My concern is that i would need to wear a tampon if there was still bleeding and this is advised not to do! Would i be better re-sceduling my LEEP?
Any advice would be great thank you! Xxx

I would reschedule. It may make you feel crampy and icky :( Do it sometime after the show!

I would reschedule because you never know how you may respond to the treatment. I am 2 weeks post my treatment today and have stopped bleeding pretty much but still have some discharge. I know if I exercise too much it increases a little. The first week was the worst for me in terms of discharge (mainly clear and watery), but I know others do not get it as easy as I have.