Excessive painful gas symptom

Hello all,
Recently diagnosed and awaiting PET scan for further details on staging and treatment plan. Have recently been feeling quite generally unwell. Generally feeling sluggish, uncomfortable. My main symptoms are heartburn, bloating, excessive and painful gas and pelvic pressure discomfort. Its recently keeping me awake at night. Im trying very hard not to drive myself crazy but just feel rubbish and worried.
Has anyone else experience this? Im not 100% its linked to cancer but can only assume?
MLR to all CC Blue

Hello just recently diagnosed myself and waiting for scans to verify what stage im at . I to have been feeling thw same as you . I dont have heart burn but i absolutely get the trapped gas agonising bloating and pelvic pressure and discomfort that keeps me awake unless im dosed up on meds i have been diagnosed with cancer in my upper cervix so i pray you are ok

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