Excessive bleeding for 6 weeks after LLETZ!

Hi guys!

I looked up some older discussion about symptoms after LLETZ, seems that everyone’s condition is different.

I was told CIN 2 in Dec, 2013 after my pap smear and biopsy. And the doctor gave me a LLETZ procedure in the following week. I expressed my concerns of bleeding post op as i have had bleeding tendency, such as bleeding nose and easy bruise. My doc asked me to have a blood test and they found my platelet is low 140. The reference range is 150- 450, so they think it’s okay for the surgery.

Had general anesthetic, and the op went fine(As i was knocked out in seconds).

Everything seems went well so the silly me thought i was on the right track to heal and went for snorkling( 40 degress here)

Two weeks later, bright red bleeding started after a short period. And the period was 2 weeks earlier.I waited for about a week to see if it got better, and my pads got soaked through in about 1 hour, i was scared. So I visited my doc and she used the chemicals to burn the wounds and the bleeding got a lot worse. There was this very wet flow i could feel even i was lying still for hours. My body obviously didn’t like the chemicals and it irritated the wounds very bad. I became lightheaded and tired after another horrible day of bleeding. So i rang the doc the next day and she admitted me to hospital and gave me another minor procedure to use electricity to burn the area.

A few days later, the bleeding came back again. And i couldn’t tell if this was a period. As i felt i have had PMS for a long time and the color was so bright.

Long story in short, i have been bleeding for 6 weeks after my LLETZ op now. My platelet is low 144 and clotting time is longer than normal.

In the meantime, i also have very upset and bloated tummy. The doc put me on antibiotics and iron. Some times i have constipation ( side effect of iron) and the next day it became diarrhea. I couldn’t sleep during the night, tossing around with the mild fever, swelling gastral, stinging aching pain in my lower back, right under the center of lumbar spine. And i had to stay in bed most time otherwise it will cause more bleeding. It is a mental torment to have your vitality killed each day by more bleeding, fatigue and more pain… The hard bit is not knowing what is wrong with me, geting off my usal life patten of work and outdoors. Even my doc said she is now scared to see me!

After pints of blood loss, i think i definitely have anemia now. A few nights earlier, when the bleeding and pain made me sleepless and i opened my eyes, for ten second, everything i saw in the bedroom became pink! I was so scared that i might loss my vision. Now my vision just became blurry.

Sorry to give you so much detail, as i try to be specific that if someone has experienced the similar situation they can share some light.

My doc is super busy and i struggle to communicate with her and have her listen to my symptoms. And she didn’t seem to care about my gastral pain and lower back pain simply because that’s not her area.

Did anyone have similar experience? I would like to know if i should see someone about my bleeding, lower back pain and pastral pain? Is it a side affect from the operation? I really need to get my life back and get back to yoga and hiking again! Appreciated your sharing and comments!

Hi, I haven't experienced this but from what you say I think you should definately see your doctor again or ring up where you had your lletz and explain what you are experiencing. Your symptoms are not something you should be putting up with for this long. In your case healing from lletz would probably take longer but I still think that bleeding that much for this long can't be ignored. Go see your doctor and if you can't get an appointment or don't feel you're being listened to there then maybe ring where you had your lletz or go to your local a&e, but don't just keep putting up with it. I hope you feel better soon.

I had similar issues and suffered constant bleeding for 3 months after my procedure.  2 years later i'm still getting bleeding issues including crazy periods.  I also have clotting problems.  The good news is I was given a prescription for Tranexamic Acid and Mefenamic Acid and these made a huge difference, I believe they are used for post-surgery bleeding and heavy periods and the cramping pain.  So perhaps speak to your doc again about medications that could help.  Best of luck.  xx