excess wind is this normal??

Sorry to post this but I was wondering if excess wind is a side effect? Since I finished treatment at the beginning of October I’ve done nothing but burp! I get very bloated also at times and have had extremely painful to the point of crying trapped wind which lasted a week dispite me going the toilet and drinking hot water.

I am burping at least 20+ times a day and people are commenting on it as they aren’t small polite burps they’re belched! It’s horrible I’m forever apologising if I don’t let them out my stomach swells and becomes painful.

Any remedies? X

Hi Carmel,

I have found that since my radiotherapy I am windy more often than I used to be but it's not burps or belches ;-) I have also found that it's not nearly so bad if I avoid beer. So you may find that tweaking your diet improves things, I'm not sure. The husband on the other hand is having a dreadful time with a bloated stomach and belching and he has not received any treatment (stupid bugger thinks he's 'too busy' to get to the doctor) so it could easily be something entirely unrelated. If I were you I'd ask the doc.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Carmel, 

I too have an excess wind issue but of the downwards kind. I'm led to believe it's down to the pelvic radiation part of treatment.

At times its crippling, horrible trapped wind and pain that only eases after visiting the loo. I have heard that peppermint tea or water may be worth a go as this is used by the NHS post op.

I hope you find something to help soon xx

Hi Carmel,

Yes, It seems that the intestines are a bit narrower after radiation. I completely avoid carbonated beverages. One glass will make me miserable for about 4 days. I seem to have more trouble maintaining healthy bacteria for digestion. A probiotic may be helpful. Yogurt is one option. There are also capsules, which are a non-dairy option and stronger than yogurt. You'll need to experiment to find your own personal balance.

Best wishes!

Hi, the wind has decided that it wants to change direction and the dreaded bad stomach has come with it every now and then! I have begun drinking the probiotic drinks and they help as I get constipated a lot since the treatment then a really bad stomach for days so they help emensley!

I haven't had any major pain since my trapped wind occurred (it lasted 5 days!) But my stomach has its own band going on and very loudly too I might add! 

I don't drink alcohol or fizzy drinks etc so I don't really know what's causing it but apparently I use to be a windy baby so maybe it's just me :-)