Examination under anaesthetic


Im soon due in for EUA and just wondered if anyone else has had this as I haven’t seen it mentioned.

im now scared they think its more invasive than they originally though! 


Thanks :)


I had an EUA when I was diagnosed. I think it’s pretty standard it helps the doctors with staging they basically just have a good look and feel around your cervix and see if it matches what the scans have shown. 

They can use it to help plan an operation as well. 

Good luck for when you do have it. It’s nothing to worry about 

Alice xx

Hi Alice

Thana for your reply! That’s made me feel a lot better, although still nervous :)



I have just been diagnosed and booked in for CT and MRI, plus EUA. Thanks for the message as I was making it mean something! Mind working overtime!


I had one when I was diagnosed, just standard procedure. It really is nothing to worry about. As said above they just want to have a closer look at it xx

Hi I have just had one. Was part of the tests given from the outset to find out what was going on and they said common to the hospital I was at.

I was worried about what this would be like from the start as I have never been in hospital for anything.

It was fine. Lovely nurses, one minute awake,the next waking up in recovery, tea and biscuits, then home.

I felt a bit dizzy the next day, but no pain. The worst bit was having To wear compression socks for three days in the heat!! 

It’s part of the process and I know you will be ok. Xx