Evil, Evil Hot Flashes...

I haven’t had a period since August 12th. A few weeks ago, hot flashes started. I can only assume I have been thrown into menopause. These hot flashes are evil demons! I get them about 15x a day, and about 12x a night. So extreme that every single one wakes me up. It affects the back side of my body. My neck and back will slowly heat up to the point it feels like I’m standing in front of an oven and then I start sweating profusely. They last about 45 seconds to a minute. But sometimes they happen back to back every few minutes. What in the hell can I do about these demon spawns??? My doc said that I’m suffering from a rare extreme form of the hot flashes. Are any of you having this issue? They make me really irritable and I’ve even cried through a few of them at night because I’m so damn tired! I can’t do hrt, but after my 6 week checkup they said we would talk about symptom management… But that’s a long wait. Ugh.

Hi nm 

there are absolutely horrible!! mind you I really should not complain now, for the first three weeks past treatment they really peaked. Was getting hot flashes like crazy, and like you I couldn't sleep. I was sooo tired from waking up to change my clothes and pillow case. I was washing my sheets everyday. I started sleeping in the guest bedroom so I could have the fan blowing on me. However, they have really slowed down in frequency. I get none during the day and only 1/2 times at night. It really helps if I drink a lot of water. For some reason if I don't drink water throughout the day like I Was during treatment then they are worse. My moods are ok though. My problem is stiffness in the morning. I feel like I am 90 years old in the morning. I hope your hot flashes will slow down soon. 

They are utterly vile! Mine began before diagnosis and I could be standing perfectly calmly in the queue in the Post Office one moment and within seconds look like I had just stepped out of the shower - absolutely dripping and wet clothes to boot. I could have 3 or 4 per hour. I'm not allowed HRT but these days they aren't nearly as bad as they were then - five years ago. They wear you down to the point of exhaustion and yes, floods of tears. I got so fed up of throwing clothes off and then back on again & I don't think I will ever wear warm clothing that pulls over the head again.

I wish you luck!

Hi nm,  Obviously you are younger than me for your treatment to send you into an early menopause.I had gone through mine when i was diagnosed .....im 58 but the first treatment  which was radiotherepy/chemotherepy and bracytherapy i still experienced some hot flushes ..day/night i think it brought it on again and ghis was proven to me as i have recurrance and have had the chemo cocktail and for saying a year and half between the two i  had hot flushes/night sweats again after that .Not a s bad as going hrough it  initially on my change.I remember feeling just lik you and when i was going throgh it i was working full time i felt like a zombieandvit got me crying too.My moods were terrible but i wouldnt go to docs and wheni did she said i could go on hrt but shed need to run some tests first to make sure i,d be ok to go on it.I never did book the appointment because i was frightene of them how stupid was that because it may have shhown up my cervical cancer earlier.I tried everything from primrose oil to sage everything off the boots shelfto try and help it but nothingg worked or i didnt give it a chance.I got so depressed because of it i felt a completly different person.Thats why after my first treatment i fellt so good and bellievre me i coulld write a book on how it made me feel....its making me shudder just writing ah out it.I still get my body tempreture go up now but its  few and far between and i cope with it.The reason ive replyed to you is the one bit of good aadvice  i was given.....i,d gone into  cafe with my sister  when we were doingg some xmas shopping and a  little old lady sat in there we learned that she was 90 and she was having a thre course dinner,i no sooner sat down when the hot flush started so i got my fan out and was frantically wafting in front off my face i saw her keep looking even when i wascsipping my cup of tea i noticed she was always looking at me.When we got up to go and i was passing hher on the way out she caught my arm and said cut down on your sugar  thats the only bit of advice she could give me.After that i did notice that i was eating chocolate and cakes and three sugars.and when i had choolate about an hour after i,d have a mega hotflush.I tried my best to cut down but got a real c raving for chocolate....but i do believe it helped me.It would be interesting to know if you have a sweet tooth...personally i wished i,d have gone on hrt.1 would havetried anything. at the time.hope my story helpss a little and sorry ffor any spelling mistkes as im using my gran daugyhters i pad an d im not used to it.big hug and cuddles to you and lolli also i hope she reads this too.love lynne xx

Hi Lynne 

i think your lovely old lady might be right as I have noticed after a night of binge eating some cake that the next day was horrible for hot flashes. I will keep this in mind. Thanks for your story, sometimes we are given gifts in the strangest ways. 

Hi nm

Although I don't think I have started my menopause yet as I am still in treatment, my doctors have prescribed me the contraceptive pill. They also won't give me hrt and tell me that the pill will prevent me from experiencing full on menopause. I have just started taking it so hopefully in a month I can offer some experience about it 

Just wondering is the pill something you could ask your doctors about? Would it help, I am not sure. 

Totally sucks you are going through this, but you've done so well to get through your treatment with its ups and downs. I hope you find some relief asap hon. 

Rosie xx

Hi NM 

I am too experiencing the dreaded hot flushes worst at night time mine,,, I literally have to wipe the sweat from my neck they are desperate Im not allowed HRT due to it having estrogen well I think that is the reason the consultant gave me I have been advised to take evening primrose oil but will take two months of taking it for it to have any effect Im about a month ahead of you treatment wise have to say they arent quite as frequent as they were hopefully you will find the same in a few weeks, like Lolli Im very stiff in the morning but apart from that and the tiredness Im feeling good