Everyone please read and share your stories

Hi all,

I thought this could be a great way of everyone sharing their smear results and outcomes. It's a great way for everyone to discuss the healing process after LLETZ/biopsies and hopefully it will help those who have not had their treatment, know what to expect. 

So i had LLETZ a week ago today and I have been having the normal brown coloured discharge. About 3 days ago I started to notice a smell. I was worries about infection so I went to the doctors who said it's normal as I had quite a large area removed. Even after a bath I am smelling but apparently this is normal! 

Aside from that, I am just very tired and still getting quite strong cramps every now and then. Feeling okay, and not too worried about my results ❤

Hi I was told after both my procedures not to have a bath only showers for 4 to 6 wks an no strong scented shower gels either to give ureself better chance of healing 

Hello, completely normal for the smell and discharge, i had it after both of my LLETZ treatments. Do not have baths though, not ideal. If it does continue for 2 weeks, call back the hosptal and speak to the colposcopy nurse.

Thank you. I did hear not to bath so avoided it for first 2 days. But wasnt given an after care leaflet or any instructions from the colposcopist other than to avoid tampons and intercourse so thought it would be okay. I am mainly showering now though :)