Event organised - Goody bag help!


I am holding an event on Monday 20th June at The Shropshire Golf Centre, Telford, Shropshire. It will be an evening of fun and games and some cabaret to entertain you. Entry fee is £5 this along with all proceeds will be going straight to the wonderfull people at Jo’s Trust who have helped me through my treatment for Cervical Cancer. I have had most things donated, ie the Room, the DJ my cabaret acts. However I am on the look out for some things to be donated for goody bags? Does anyone know of any companies that will donate in bulk???

Thank you
Lisa x

sainsburys have donated to me in the past xx

Boots are often very good. They did it for an event some friends held last year and there must have been hundreds of pounds worth of stuff given away.

Good luck with your event, I think it’s brilliant x