Even more worried now :-/

I posted yesterday that I had my laser treatment and biopsys taken for severe dyskaryosis last Wednesday, the hospital called me yesterday and made me an appointment for Tuesday but would not say why, I have just got the letter confirming my appointment and it says the following..... I am writing to let you know the result of the treatment you had in colposcopy clinic on 16th January. The result has confirmed the presence of an early stage abnormality of the cervix. To discuss the result in full detail and to give you further information regarding further investigations and treatment, I enclose an appointment with the appropriate specialist.


anybody had one of these letters? Am I facing cc? Please be honest I can't stand this not knowing....

Hi Rebecca,

I am sorry that you’ve had this letter and are so worried. We all know only too well how horrible the waiting can be and how your mind can run away with you. It’s impossible for any of us to say for certain what is going on, but I would encourage you to try not to get too ahead of yourself until you can find out exacly what they mean by an ‘early stage abnormality’.

Have everything crossed for good news for you. xxx

Thank you rosehip,

its so hard not to think the worst I just want Tuesday morning to come round quicker, I appreciate your kind words :)

Thw waiting is an absolute nightmare; dreading the letter but wishing it would hury up at the same time! Sending you lots of luck for your appointment xx

I haven't had a letter to that word but didn't want to read n run, 

wishing u all the best for Tuesday please let us know how it all goes.  thinking of u xxxxx

Well I have been told today that I have cervical cancer, all 3 biopsys they took showed cancerous cells, I have an MRI booked for February to see what happens next in regards to treatment. I'm still taking it in, I've done so much crying i can't have anymore tears left.

Hi Rebecca,

how are you today?  I saw your post on Macmillan so have sent you a reply.  Brings back so many memories for me and completely understand where you are at right now.  I cried a lot throught the appt then the tears stopped and I felt really calm...I can see now this was probablly shock.  I just went into practical mode and focussed on the treatment plan but my MRI was done immediately (by luck more than good planning on hospitals part).  When the tears returned, they happened in the middle of the night or at times when I was on my own...very sporadic really.  I still have the odd days when I feel like hiding away and crying all day but they are just that, "odd", not the norm.  You'll feel like you have an enormous mountain to climb and you do but you can prepare yourself more when you know what the treatment plan is.  Until then, be good to yourself and keep talking to us, rest as much as you can but above all stay positive! You really will find the strength and you will also find support in places you never imagined you would.  I know I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of people who I never considered I was that close to (colleagues at work, friends of my parents family)...it really helped to know that so many people cared and were behind me, not allowing me to take myself too seriously.  I am now playing a waiting game until I get my results on 16th April so feel like I've lost a little bit of control but know I'll take this back and get on top of things again soon...you'll do the same sweetie and we are all here to help and support you when you need it.  Dont bottle things up and if you cant talk to family/friends, get typing and someone is always here.  Private message me if you ever need a quick response as notifications get through to my phone but have not figured out how to get the post subscriptions working so sometimes miss things on this forum!!

Sending lots of wishes and positive thoughts



Hi Rebecca

I’m so sorry to hear your news. You must be going through a very challenging and scary time right now, and my heart goes out to you.

One thing I have learnt from this site is that cervical cancer, especially in its early stages, is extremely treatable and there are so many treatments they can do to try and help you preserve your fertility. The stories on here are so inspirational and so many ladies have fought CC and are clear years on. I take comfort knowing that if this is my diagnosis, I can fight it - medicine has come such a long way.

I know there’s not much I can say that will make you feel much better right now. Just want you to know we are all rooting for you.

Take care xxxx

Sorry to hear this Rebecca x

Hi Rebecca sorry to hear your news,I'm quite new on here too,all I can say is everyone is amazing....& have been a great help to me so far. Your post takes me back to my diagnosis,I will never forget that day.....the tears came & went I was more worried at first about telling everyone else....made my poor hubby do it!! Still have wobbles & tears but I stay strong & positive mainly for my little girl. The waiting is the worse thing xxx thinking of you xxx