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so obviously my colp nurse was pretty sure that the reason i had abnormal cells was due to HPV. when i had my smear results they didn't say anything about this and i'm wondering why. any suggestions?

i understand that HPV normally has no symptoms, other than warts maybe, but i have never had these and neither has my partner. i'm wondering where the hell i got it from! i've been a bit reckless in the past and obviously i could have got the virus from a previous partner and not realised it.

anyway, as i don't want to go through all this colp and LLETZ treatment again (still waiting on results), i'm wondering if there's any way to have my partner and i properly tested for HPV. do they even do this? or is it a case of if you have weird symptoms you go to the GP?

this might all sound a bit paranoid but it's been going round in my head the past couple weeks. if anyone has any ideas, please share!



I hadn't heard of HPV until a few years ago. HPV is very common, there are many different types (ie veruucas are causd by a different strain of HPV) and most people come into contact with the virus.It can be picked up from a first sexual experience, and from any partner that you've had. It can be a while from infection to abnormal changes so it may not always be clear where the virus was picked up. Often the immune system will clear it, but there are some types that can sometimes can cause changes to the cervix (usually known as high risk HPV). LLETZ will often kick start the immune system to clear the virus.

In the UK HPV testing is gradually being introduced. If an abnormal result is picked up, the sample is then tested for HPV and the letter will then mention high risk HPV. If your letter didn't mention HPV then you could check with your GP. Also you could ask the colposcopy clinic if your sample will be tested for HPV.

As far as I'm aware there isn't a reliable test for men for HPV. Women can be tested from a cervical swab, but unless it''s done as part of the screening programme I'm not sure if it can be done on the NHS or if you'd have to go private. I'm not sure if sexual health clinics test for HPV in women. 

I don't know if this help. Good luck with your results.

Hi Jodhi,

Well first, not all cervical cancer is caused by HPV anyway, and now that you have got abnormal cells, the cause of them is rather beside the point isn't it? Please for your own sake do not start thinking that this is some kind of punishment for being 'a bit reckless in the past' and do not start playing detective to work out where you got it from in the first place (if indeed that is what you have). Just deal with the stuff you know about in the present and forget about all the stuff you cannot possibly know about in the past. It achieves nothing.

Go well.



i dont want to take anything away from what anyone else has said.. the cause of changes really dont matter now u need to get yourself sorted but when i went i for my colposcopy they told me that anyone that has ever had cervical cancer has hpv first...

theres no way of knowing how long you have had it if u have it at your first smere but if you have regular smears and you didnt have it last time then you have a 3year window i guess. most people come into contact wit it and dont even know because there body fights it off on its own so try not to worry too much about the virus (there isnt anything that can be done for that anyway, i have just been tested to see if i still have it. but wont find out for couple of weeks) but they can get rid of any abnormal cells which is the most important thing.

i hope this helps, and like i said dont want to step on any toes


Hi StephanieLouise,

What lovely names! You are not stepping on anybody's toes. Sure, the vast, vast majority of cervical cancer is caused by HPV, but not all. Not every single case.

Either way, there is no point in anybody beating themselves up about how, why, when, where or if they got it.

Be lucky


Hello Tivoli - at last! a lady who acknowledges that CC is not always caused by HPV.  Why do women always assume its 'caught' off someone they slept with?  This can give out the misleading message that it you're somehow promiscuous?  I watched 'Embarrassing Bodies' one evening and was horrified when the doctor's first line was 'HPV is a sexually transmitted disease''!!! This made my blood boil!!! I never felt so embarrassed.   Definitely put a  poor image on CC for me, so embarrassed that I started telling people I had womb cancer instead of cervical.

If a couple have only ever had 'sexual relations' with each other all their lives - that lady can still go on to get cervical cancer and it is not known if her cancer is cause by HPV. There is also a chemical, used in manufacturing and in dry cleaning, that if exposed to it, can cause CC.  Check out the Cancer Research UK website for this info.  Why can't the media give out  ALL THE FACTS?  

Good on you Tivoli for your replies on this!



I hope this doesn't seem a stupid question but seeing as I've cervical cancer does that mean that I have passed or could pass on the hpv virus to my boyfriend. I hadn't thought about it until today when he said that he researched the HPV virus but didn't say much about it so silly me looked it up, I'm starting to think stupid things like does he think i might of infected him etc. Im starting to feel rather guilty. Probably worrying over nothing. 


Nicola x