EUA - what to expect

Hi ladies
I was diagnosed CC1b over two weeks ago. I had a LLETZ to remive the cells/tumour before the diagnosis but was then sent for an MRI. Thankfully the MRI results were clear but now the consultant wants to do a EUA to see if anything was missed on the MRI.

I was a complete mess worrying about what could be found at MRIand was so relieved it come back clear but now I’m starting to worry about what may be found during the EUA!

Can anyone tell me what is involved as I think the consultant want to examine bladder, rectum and cervix. What the chance of anything being found?

If all goes well at the EUA then I’ll be booked in for a hysterectomy - I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to hear that I can have a hysterectomy so much in my life!

Thanks in advance for your help xx

Hi Claire :-)

You'll be under anaesthetic :-) So we don't know what goes on :-)

You'll be put to sleep and no doubt when you wake up you will be aware that somebody has been rummaging around down there. Afterwards you'll be told what, if anything, was found and whether or not that changes anything.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Claire hope you are feeling ok, 


i was really anxious to have my EUA but really didn't need to me. Once I woke up I didn't feel any different except they had put a camera in my bladder and I had a little bit of pain like cystitis for a day or 2 but that was it!

everything was as they thought before my EUA to afterwards so nothing else came to light 


good luck :) xxx

Hi Claire I know it can be a really worrying time I had a EUA a few weeks ago they checked my Bladder Bowel & Cervix. It was good news for me the Cancer hadnt spread. The staff were lovely and couldnt do enough for me when I returned from recovery i was up & out of my bed straight away. You can normally go home the same day if you havent far to travel. You will be given gorgeous white knee socks to stop any clotting and you will also be given an injection to stop clots forming. The best part about it all is your sleeping and when you wake up its all over and they bring you Tea & Toast. Try not to worry I will be thinking about you keep us posted xx

Thanks you so much for your replies.. It means a lot to be able to speak to ladies who are going through or who have been through the same thing.

I think I just need to stop worry about the what ifs! 

thanks again xx

Hi claire how are you I hope it is going well I will be thinking about you xx

Hi ladies. Well I went for the EUA on Tuesday.. The process was fine as yes I was totally knocked out!! (Which was great). Afterwards I was informed that a little whitening was found further up the cervix and this may be abnormal cells or more cancer. The Dr wasn't worried about this and said as my original tumor was 18mm and this possible tumor/cells was no more than 1cm then I am still classed as stage 1b1. (Phew!!).

so the good news is the MRI was clear and nothing was found in the bladder or outside the cervix so I should still be going ahead with the RH. Next stop is another appointment with my consultant to discuss the big op!

I must say this waiting is awful but at least I'm in good hands and have the support of my amazing friends and family including Jos trust!


Brilliant, brilliant news Claire :-)

Be lucky :-)