EUA results- thickening in pelvis?


I finally managed to speak to someone today to get the results of my EUA which took place 4th December.
The tumour is 3cm (at least what they could see on the surface) not the 1.5cm I was previously told. In addition they reported thickening in the right side of my pelvis - does anyone know what this might indicate?
My notes apparently said that they feel surgery is still the best option, as long as MRI comes back as expected (I have that tomorrow) so I’m hoping that this thickening isn’t something to be too concerned about? The only thing is that I have had pain on the right side of my pelvis for several years, which has been attributed to a back injury and subsequent operation I had which meant I had been over compensating with my posture and putting more weight on my right side.
I thought I had turned a corner and was managing to keep a lid on my anxiety but now I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed again, this next week until my MDT meeting is going to feel more like a year!
Any comments/similar experiences gratefully received!

Sending you hugs. Hoping alongside you that the 'thickening' is indeed to do with your previous surgery and nothing more sinister.


Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tivoli :)