EUA on discharge notes from hospital after Lletz??

Hi,  I was diagnosed with CIN3 a little over 2 weeks ago and have been for a colposcopy but as it was quite a largenarea and I have the marina my doctor said it was normal tomdo this under a GA and had me in within a couple of days which I was pleased about.  I went in hospital on Saturday for LLetz and changing my marina coil.  I have just been browsing through my discharge notes and it states they also did a colposcopy and EUA is this normal? I didnt get to see my consultant before leaving and the nurse was rushing through the discharge sheet and I never heard her mention this. I just wondered if it was normal to do EUA at this stage? Thanks

Hello Su_W

from my experience this is normal.  When they get you  there they do the  eua which is just examination under anaesthetic, it gives them the chance to have a look around, check  the area out.


Thanks, with my realistic head on I did think the same initially but then the more I thought about it the more it seemed to worry me.  I  am usually very pragmatic it is amazing how this exerience can change the way you think in anticipating the worst, going over and over things when it is probably the worst thing you can do!