Estrosmart - lorna vanderhaeghe, any one tried these?

Hi everyone,

I have just had my colp results which showed Severe dysplasia (CIN III) and i have been offered LOOP treatment but i am determined to try natural alternatives first, so i am just wondering if anyone has tried Estrosmart - by lorna vanderhaeghe which is meant to reverse abnormal smears naturally?

Many thanks


Hi Claire


I'm all for alternatives but I really wouldn't risk it in this situation. Your Medical team are professionals and would only have your best interests at heart giving you the best possible outcome.  Listen to them and get well. 


Trust me, you do not want to risk the alternative.  Chemoradiation is not fun.


Good luck lovely and I wish you well x

Low grade cells might go back to normal but CIN 3 needs to be treated. Please don’t put off treatment. Take the supplements as well, it can’t hurt but do get treated xx

If they worked as well as the loop treatment you have been offered thenhospitals would give you them instead. Listen to what the hosputal is telling you xx