Estrogen replacement

Hello! Can anyone chime in on what they did for estrogen replacement after having fried ovaries from the radiation? Did you doctors test to see what your hormone levels were? Can the ovaries still produce hormones event thought they are damaged? Any luck with natural hormone boosters? The idea of taking anestrogen pill for the next thirty years isn't very appealing to me. Any advice is appreciated. Also check out my blog if ya want


much love and let's all stay strong and healthy and cancer-free!



Hi Hannah.  I am 35 and after having my overies fried (love that description) I hit the menopause.  I had hot flushes and my hair started falling out and it was really rather distressing.  I went to my GP who suggested HRT and tried to put me on the combined one which would mean i would still have a monthly 'bleed'.  I remember not feeling too happy about that as I didnt like the idea of any bleeding from 'down there' but also as I was unsure if I was actually able to have a 'bleed' due to the scarring on my Cervix (or what was left of it).  I asked my GP to call my Consultant who said I should NOT have the combined HRT and just have the Estrogen based one.  I started taking the tablets 3 months after finishing radiation and i am soooo happy i did!!  The hot flushes went away and my hair stopped falling out and is now growing back.  The aches i was getting in my hips also went so I would say I have had a positive experience on HRT so far and its worth taking the tablet.  Much love back to you!!  Anna x