Estriol cream


Has anyone been prescribed a ‘short course’ of Estriol cream? I was prescribed some the other day after a hysteroscopy, because of ‘dryness’ which I was unaware of and which hadn’t been causing me any problems. The leaflet with the cream points out lots of risks, and I am a bit concerned. It seems it is a type of HRT, which I was determined to avoid…


I have oestriol cream. If they think you need it you should have it. It's localised HRT not systemic. Vaginal atrophy is not a good thing to have as it leads to no end of problems and prevention much better than cure.



Yes, I was prescribed the cream because my urethra was starting for feel atrophic and my vagina too. I am with Petesdragon this one, if they recommended it I would say it is in your interest to try it. It should help with elasticity too.