Esi (have i got cancer)

hi guys im new to here im not sure if im posting in the right part but basically im confused as to whats going on i went for my smear which came back severe dyskariosis with hpv i then found out the severe dyskariosis was staged at 4 not a clue what this means and hpv were strains 16 18 and other positivity i went for a colp they coudnt see nothing with there bare eye but due to the smear result took 4 punch biopsies and decided not to do treatment them results came back as cin 1 2 and 3 changes with early stromal invasion on 1 sample i went back for another colp and they used the term prominant ectopy whic ive googled and means eroded cervix anyway a lletz procedure was carried out 5 weeks later i recieve a phone call and told again this esi was found in a larger sample with no clear margains so will need to go back for more treatment i then recieved a letter with the result it does state it does not mean cancer although ive read many stories stating its early stage cancer ive seen my own doctor who has said its early stage cancer so why are they acting as though its not?? My own doctor even ramg me when they got the results letter to see how i was and offered me a flu jab as there words were at risk due to my situation my head is baffled does anyone else no is early stromal invasion the start of cancer?? Im worried as i dont seem to be getting the answers they cant see nothing on my colps but all my test have detected this im back for another lletz soon what if it is still there what happens next? Tia for any responses xx