erm abit confused "/

Hello. Well last tuesday I had my lletz under GA and I have just had a phone call from the hospital off my doctors secretary saying they dont usually ring patients but as mr ali new that my own gp back in decemer had told me i had cancer her wanted to give me some 'good news' I have just been told I have no cancer cells but I think (as I was still half asleep haha) that she said there are still some pre ones there and I will get a letter for 3months time. Does this sound about right?!?! Didnt ask anything as I had just woken up. Should I phone back or just wait for my letter with results on.

it has made my day getting the phone call as I was getting worried about what the results maybe after what my gp had said but I am also wondering what they are going to do to me in 3 months time!

Sorry for the essay :) xx

Hey :)

After my op when the surgeon came round he said i'd have to wait for the results to see if they were all removed and if not I would have to go back for another colposcopy to assess the cells.

Hope this helps hun and i'm glad you got the result of no cancer :) xx

Thanks for replying :) I was shocked when I got the call this morn well thought it was bad news as they were ringing me so soon and early in the morning, think it is very sweet of him though to let me know :) as I didnt see him after my lletz I didnt get told what comes next.

I hope all I need is a colposcopy as I didnt mind that... I know I am not in the clear yet but I am now feeling more positive :)

Hope you are feeling well... and that you get your redults soon xx