Enema anyone??

Good afternoon 

was just off home to enjoy my weekend when the radiographer called saying that he had reviewed my first weeks of radio treatment and I will need to do little micro enemas as to put it politely im full of .... well u can imagine.

he assures me this has not adversely affected the weeks treatment but needless to say I'm a bit worried.

i was wondering if anyone else has needed this or can reassure me it won't mean my last week of treatment has had no effect!!


just when u think u are prepared for anything!!


Hi Kimmy,

i know I shouldn't laugh but your description did make me giggle. 

I can't help with it affecting your treatment part but I have had an enema when I was pregnant as needed an emergency endoscopy (unrelated story altogether). Anyway, it's not pleasant in anyway (as you can imagine) and the only advice  I can give is to lay still as long as possible after they have administered it- I got up to quickly and didn't have the full emptying affect until some while later whilst sat in the car (seriously no need to describe and I advice against using your imagination ;-). 

Hope it all goes well for you and wishing you lots of luck with your treatment. Xxx