Endometrial Biopsy advice- 3 month follow up

Hiya all. So off for my 3 month follow-up post detection of AGC @my 6 month follow-up for my cone biopsy for CIN3/CIS.

Last time it was a surprise procedure at the pap results appointment and I remember it hurt like nothing else. I was super happy I didn’t have time to google and dwell beforehand. I got a phone call tonight from the doctor; 2 days before, what I thought was going to be, a repeat pap and colposcopy. Now she says she will only do a pap and endometrial Biopsy- no colposcopy. 2 questions;

1)is this weird for no colposcopy?
2)any one know of good OTC pain mens to alleviate the biopsy pain? Or a recommendation of what I can ask her for beforehand.

Thanks y’all