endocervical involvement?

Hi ladies,

I've had a letter saying cin 2 with hpv & endocervical involvement, anyone know what the endocervical involvement means? 

Thanks in advance xxx

Hey, iv not experienced this myself yet I hope a lady who what's experienced this will reply and help you further. As far as I know it's means you have CGIN (cervical glandular intraepithelial neoplasia) this is basically abnormal glandular cells which are found in the cervical canal. They treat this the same way they treat CIN 2 and 3. You also have the CIN 2 which is found in the transformation zone, on the face of the cervix around the canal. If you use the search tool on this site it search for CGIN and maybe you will get some answers from others who are in the same boat. I'm sure iv read that ladies can still have a lletz treatment for CGIN but it's usually under anaesthetic as its in an awkward position (in the canal) I had my lletz on Thursday under local anaesthetic for CIN2&3 and I must say it was fine. Good luck Hun xxxx 

Thank you so much for your reply :-) 

I had lletz around 9 months ago, this is my check up smear. 

They said nothing about cgin, just cin. But did say that my cervix each time have looked perfect so it's odd they keep coming back bad. So it being higher up makes sense. 

Wish they would give me more info!!

Thanks again


No problem hun, different hospitals use different terminology (such as endocervical involvement) but I'm sure that indicates CGIN. Yes it will make sense if your cervix looks clear at colposcopy it they are higher up. They are a different type of cell tho. When I went for my colposcopy the consultant said it looked fine and he struggled to see where to take a biopsy from. I watched it and saw hardly any of it turned to white. I hope everything goes ok for you and wish you all the best xxxx