Endocervical Glandular Neoplasia

Hi Everyone,

I am on yearly colposcopy’s due to a borderline smear a couple of year ago and just had my yearly colposcopy check which looked fine apparently. So I was shocked to receive a letter just over a week later saying I would need treatment to the transformation zone for possible endocervical glandular neoplasia. I went for a loop excision a few days later and also had a womb biopsy. I should get my results in a week or so.

Like everyone else, the waiting is torture!

I wondered if anyone else has experience of this (I think its CGIN as opposed to CIN)?

I also had a really bad reaction to the local anaesthetic where I couldn’t feel my arms and legs just as the procedure ended. The colposcopist said it wasn’t a reaction to the anaesthetic but I’m not to sure about that.

Janet :slight_smile:

Hi Janet -c

I have just posted a similar thread although my letter from consultant said severe or high grade dyskariosis. But I too had a normal colposcopy at same time smear was taken.  Have my lletz on Tues. .. not looking forward to it and I don't understand the conflicting results.  What are they going to remove if they didn't see anything abnormal. 

Google isn't always your friend though lol, so glad I found this site. 

Hope you don't have much longer to wait for your results... keep us posted xx

Hi buttercup,

good of luck with your llezt today.  I really don't know how they know what to remove when they can't see it, although I did ask that question I can't remember what she said :( 

let me know how you get on xx