Endocervical adenocarcinoma HG-CGIN

Hi everyone,
It’s been less than 24 hours since I found out my results from my LEEP. Adenocarcinoma Endocervical infiltrating 6mm+ in situ with interesting margins.
I’ve been told to do an MRI with a possible hysterectomy. I have 3 young kids all under 6 and I’m about to break down. Trying really really hard to stay strong but the worst thoughts jump in and I start to panic. My husband is just about keeping it together at the moment.

I’m absolutely terrified of the MRI that it will uncover something worse. Since August I have had a sore tail bone when I sit awkward or for long periods and I’ve mentioned it. What if it’s all connected.

Hi there,

Please try not to worry.

I am currently lay in bed in hospital 16 hours post hysterectomy and this is all just 15 days! after my diagnosis. 

They found two separate areas of cancer in my cervix 1A1 possible 1b1 which only came to light after the piece removed from the loop was analysed.

I was petrified. The wait from diagnosis to MRI to results was 10 days and in that time I'd convinced myself that I was riddled with cancer. Bones, lungs, liver etc.

The lower back pain, the irregular periods...

I panicked about every ache and pain and told myself that all my previous normal smears were wrong and I'd had cancer undetected for years and years. Surely if it was already in two places it had to be in more.

Not the case.

My scan was all clear showing no spread and my consultant assured me that they would have known if it had.

Anyway having had two children and knowing how I would worry about cervical cancer coming back,  my husband and I came to the decision that a hysterectomy was the way forward.

I hope this helps a bit, I remember scanning the forum for similar cases to relate to.

Good Luck with everything, I'd say keep busy but I doubt you're ever anything but with three little ones.

Take Care, lots of love x x

Thank you for your message! I hope you are recovering well, maybe even out of hospital? I have my MRI on monday and then we'll take it from there. Its been the longest week of my life just waiting and going through all the fears and emotions. I feel a bit more postitive to hear about your story. thanks. I've found it difficult dealing with friends and family. Some of them have gone a bit weird on me and its upsetting. Got to stay strong right!

You poor thing, the last thing you need is people being weird with you.

I would probably put it down to them not knowing what to say and how to act around you.

How did your MRI go? They're noisy annoying things!

Have they given you a date for your results? 

I came home on Thursday just one night in hospital and I'm feeling great.  It's super hard not to lift anything and I'm desperate to do some hoovering.

Keep your chin up, the wait is nearly over x x


Hi Isobel, how are you feeling now after surgery at home? Did you do keyhole? 
I did my MRI and got staged as 1b1 adenocarcinoma. I am scheduled next week to do a radical hysterectomy, abdominal through my old c-section scar and I have opted to take out 2 Sentinel lymph nodes to check if it has spread to the others.  My chest X-ray showed a little opacity so I am all over the place. Trying to stay calm and build myself up for surgery but I'm convinced I have cancer all over now.