endo ecto???

hi ladies, basically i had my second lletz in one year 3 weeks ago. was told i would have the results in 2 weeks but still no call or letter. cant say how but i have seen my lab results and cant make head nor tail of them. my prev lletz results were cin 2/3 and then were missed to follow up colp clinic and had to start all over again with smear etc. my colp came back as cin 3 again. my lletz results say the endocervical margin appears clear. cin does appear to extend to the ectocervical margin and may be incompletely excised (word for word). what does this mean? has it spread? what am i to expect treatment wise? my friend who has been through all this and still is said it means hysterectomy or a small course of chemo tablets. Any help much appreciated xx


Hi there, Endocervical is the cervical canal so it’s good news that it’s clear. Ectocervical is the ‘outside’ part of your cervix, so the part the doctors see.
Cin3 is pre cancerous cells, not cancer, therefore you would not need chemo to treat it. A lot of us on here who have gone on to have cervical cancer have been treated surgically when it is in the early stages.

I would give the colposcopy clinic a call to chase your results. I don’t know what it would mean treatment wise, they may be taking their time a bit as they have weekly meetings to discuss results and treatment plans.

Wishing you lots of luck x