End of treatment bleeding

Hey guys. I’m wondering if there’s anyone in here who has experienced bleeding right at the end of external radiation? I had pain and severe bleeding as symptoms but after the first half of my treatment (chemoradiation) they were gone. Right on my last day of radiation (friday) I started noticing bleeding, it can’t be compared to what I had but still, I’m wondering. I also began having pelvic pain, not as severe as in the past but still … I’m also scheduled for brachy on Wednesday and I don’t know if they can do it with this bleeding?

Obviously I’m going to my oncologist tomorrow but was just curious to see if there were others with these issues.

I’ve had a few bleeds. Never as heavy as a period. The last few have been short lived, but a pressure type pain, followed by a bleed and then pink discharge. I’m not sure myself but I’ll see my Oncologist on Tuesday, hoping she’ll say its after the radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

They will do the best for you, I’m sure. I guess it depends where the bleeding is coming from. Like Shammy I had some bleeding after the brachytherapy but I was told this was normal, and was because the tissues were damaged by the process and especially the removal of the device. It cleared up within the week and I’ve had no further bleeding.

Shammy, you’re all done now I’m hoping - and are on the road to recovery. The effects of the brachytherapy will last for about 3 months - in that it will continue to destroy the tumour. The 3 months scan is key, and we’re keeping everything crossed that it will be the ALL CLEAR! X

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@Jacks133 possibly 1 more Chemo to go! I’ll find out Tuesday. That’s if all is well… hubby currently down with the tummy bug! :unamused::woman_facepalming:

:nauseated_face: Oh dear, I hope you don’t get it!! X

Hi Mry, I’m sorry that you’re dealing w this at the moment but hopefully it’s just some radiation issues. I myself experiencing light bleeding and some pink discharge w period cramp pain with the radiation treatment and just told me to keep an eye on it and see if it’s gets worst. My mentality is always asking as to why I’m having these light bleeding if the radiation was supposed to be stopping any bleeds. I’m almost done w week 3 on my treatment. Hoping it’ll improve. For now I’m choosing to be positive. Sending you lots of hugs and strength. Please keep us posted. xx

Hi May and thanks for your response. I talked to both my oncologist and my brachy radialogist and they didn’t seem concerned. They gave me an IV and it stopped that day, I may have some brown discharge left but it’s not much and the pain stopped too pretty much. Today I’ve had my first brachy and it all seems ok, praise God.

With me, the bleeding that was stopped by radiation was completely different than this one. The first one was massive, clots and all of that, this was like a more liquid period let’s say so I’m guessing it could have been from radiation?

Best wishes and hugs! Let’s just have faith and I’m sure the rest will come!

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Hi Mry, I’m glad that they seemed to sort things out and you’ve had your brachytherapy without issues. I hope it’ll continue and soon you’re on your road to recovery and get rid of this thing. The bleeding I’m also having was very light that I only use panty liners sometimes it’s more like a pinkish watery stained discharge. Maybe I’m just panicking as to why I’m still having these bleeds while having radiation wherein the purpose is to stop any bleeding. Please keep us posted. You’re always in my prayers, sending you big hugs.xx