emotions all over the place

Hi, I'm knew to this forum but from what I have seen it is incredibly helpful, I found it helped me a lot while going through the LLETZ procedure and waiting for results. 

I was very luckily put on the smear test register when I was 20 (long story, cervical erosion) anyway I was recalled when I was 23 and the results came back abnormal cells so I went for a colposcopy and had a biopsy taken, which came back as CIN3 and had to have the LLETZ, because of my age my results had to go to an MDT meeting which made the wait longer for the procedure. After having the procedure I was emotional for about two weeks, I'm an emotional person as it is but never like that, I was sobbing for no reason irritable and drained. This passed and I thought that Ihad dealt with and moved on, especially after receiving the letter telling me they had got all the cells.

It's been five months since having the LLETZ and I'm still very irritable and teary I thought it was my contraception (even though I've been on the same one since I was 16) I spoke to the doctor about my pill and was told that my moods are because of the procedure. I just want to make sure this is normal and I'm not the only one who has felt this way. Not sure who else to speak to as I don't know anyone who has gone through this. 

August smear test 3rd abnormal cells

September colposcopy biopsy taken CIN3

October LLETZ all pre-cancerous cells removed.

Hiya Hun,

although my case was a little different from yours I felt very similar to yourself. I was completely fine throughout the whole thing but it got me after I'd had my op when you'd presume that would be when I felt better! Crazy I know! I think while going through all the testing, waiting & treatment if put it to the back of my mind but once it was all dobe it all came to the surface & hit home what I'd been through. 

Its a big thing for any woman & terrifying so it's only natural to feel some kind of upset from it all. 

This site has been fab for myself & many others so always come to us lot if you need a chat or support. 

Big hugs