Emotionally drained (children mentioned)

Hey guys so yesterday I got my colposcopy/biopsy results of CIN2 and need to get a lletz in 4-6 weeks. I was so shocked and upset I left work early yesterday and I was in bits all night. I've had absolutely no sleep and honestly can't face work today but I think I will go, only to try take my mind off things. I am a nanny so it's double hard for me as I work with kids and by the looks of it I probably won't have my own. I'm just a mess, scared of the procedure, scared of the result, scared of recurrence, scared of cancer, scared of childlessness, scared of my partner leaving or going elsewhere as I can't have sex for six weeks after lletz. How do I get my head around all of this all at once? I've had depression in the past (severe) and I'm scared I will go there again because of all of this. Any help appreciated or advice

Morning Alizee you poor thing!! It's horrible to know your feeling so down I am too and the waiting is the worst part... We have another thing in common I am a nanny too So can relate to how hard it is going to work under this strain im on my way now. As regards work I always find it beat to go in it kinda takes my mind of things however if your so upset it probs best to take some leave as you won't be any good for the little ones!! Although if yours are anything like mine they give good hugs.. Ha! Have you got a good circle of nanny friends? Mine are wonderful and we're all really good friends outside of work Too. So we all look out for eachother when times are hard when your ready To go in spend sometime with them and talk over a cup of tea whilst they have a play date!! It's really good therapy! Now listen I am no docter hunni so what I'm about to say may not make u feel any better but hopefully out u a little at ease... thos procedure is so common and It won't affect your fertility! It's just a procedure to get rid of all the bad cells so that it can prevent cancer and you can move on with your life ane be happy!! It's there to help us not ruin the rest of our life's. My mum and nan both had similar things and have never had any reacurence of bad cElla since they have been fine it's very affective! You haven't got cancer now poppet they would have found that out through the biopsy so try to find comfort in that a relax. As regards your Mr leaving you Ev cause you can't have sex for 6 weeks that's obsurd!! I'm sure he wouldnt at all he will completely understand and be there for you so don't worry about that and if he wasnt then he sure as hell wouldn't be a man worth your time anyway! It's very scary I completely appreciate that but this is all to help you so try not to see it as such a negativeVegan though wed rather not be here at all but atleast we can be watched prevent anything nasty and that this can happen and you are in very good hands!! If we nanny in the sane place I would come meet your for a coffee but this world is a huge place! Haha. Big hugs poppet please don't stress to much you will make yourself completely I'll and that will do you no good at all xxxx

Thanks for your message, it's made me feel quite a lot better! How old are you if you don't mind me asking and what was your diagnosis? Have you had your lletz yet and do you have any children? Sending hugs

Hi Alizee, I have had 2 big lletz and a biopsy and I would still be able to have kids with some monitoring so don't panic at this stage. 

You might need to think about having some time off post lletz. The day of the procedure I was good for nothing rest with a hot water bottle to hug. If the kids u look after need picking up u might need to avoid that/ get someone to help u/ stay off work for up to a week. 


As far as sexy time goes you shouldn't feel pressure to have sex but remember u are only banned from penetrative vaginal sex. There are lots of other things of course you can do for some sexy fun without full intercourse. I did find that I had very little desire for sex due to the worry and uggy discharge for the first two and a half weeks post lletz. However doing the deed 4 weeks post lletz with a bit of care (and lube) was the best sex I had had in ages so the wait may make it better!

Good luck thinking of u xx 

Thanks, chandosgirl, I see from your signature you've actually been diagnosed with CC and I'm so sorry. I was wondering when they diagnosed it? Was it after your punch biopsy or lletz? Also, out of curiosity, were you able to exercise after lletz? I know swimming isn't allowed but could you walk long distances? Run? Exercise keeps me sane so I'm hoping I don't have to give it up for a whole month!

I'd be wasting my breath if I said anything else as the two ladies above have said it all! 


You really should listen to them. They only recommend light exercise. I would be careful not to do more than walking and no heavy lifting. 2wks after my lletz i felt like i was getting better and pushed myself abit too much which caused a little fresh bleed. Follow what your body tells you. 

Im on antibiotics now and been off work to rest up. Youll know whats right for you and its all for the greater good. One round of lletz they say doesnt effect fertility :) good luck x


I have had Cc but they actually removed it all in my first lletz so I was told I HAD CC but it might already be gone which lletz #2 confirmed. I am feeling pretty positive It was caught incredibly early so I feel fortunate it was found before more drastic treatment needed.. My biopsy was a year previous which showed CGIN but not serious enough to do anything. I do wonder whether that was the right result and I am going to ask to see the audit results (as I have had  Cc they go back and check if they missed anything in previous smears and biopsies) 

Exercise wise tashtash is right go steady esp for first fortnight. I did very very little not even walking much week 1, I  walked a little more week 2 then tackled the steep hill on my walk to work. I ran on week 4 but took it very steady as during recovery from first lletz I did too much and bled. Now 6 weeks post Lletz I have swum and ran 3 times this week but still keeping my distances down below 6 miles and going careful on hills. I would be very careful about doing any weightbearing or abdominal exercise for 6 weeks. 





Hello! I'll just echo what these ladies said really, you're going to be fine! If anything this procedure will ensure your fertility, if you didn't have it there's a chance you could develop cancer in the future. I had a lletz on Monday and still completely plan on having a small army of kids haha, the nurse assured me that complications are rare and if anything you just wouldn't go past your due date. Honestly, I felt the same as you at first, convinced I was dying. Remember this is SO common, up to 1 in 10 ladies have abnormalities at some point. 


The procedure itself is nothing to worry about. It's scary, yes but it's not painful. I worked myself up a bit but the actual pain was minimal. Afterwards I have felt fine! My nurse said no sex/tampons for 4 weeks and no exercise for a week (I feel this is slightly too soon seeing as I do a lot of weight lifting!). I've been walking to and from work and I'm going on a long walk today. You know your own limits and body :)  I'm sure after a couple of weeks you will be feeling back to normal. Just take it easy and don't push yourself. 


Feel free to ask me any questions!