Emotionally drained after LLETZ


I had LLETZ treatment on Friday afternoon under local Anaesthetic. The treatment itself was not as bad as I thought it would have been. I have had cramps but nothing too unbearable. However, I have felt physically drained. If I get up to do things or go to go out I feel exhausted. I am also feeling really emotional, the slightest thing is making me cry but I don't understand why. I was wondering if anyone else has felt this way? I was due back in work Saturday after the LLETZ but have taken the weekend off and still feel I am not up to being back at work. I'm a nurse and feel that if I return and anyone was to ask if I was ok I would break down in tears. 




I'm so sorry you're feeling this way, though its good that you felt well during your treatment. I too felt very emotional and drained following my biopsy. I found myself feeling very tired and sluggish. I also found that I was very fragile emotionally. I think its just caused by slight worry and having a procedure done that hasn't been done before, in a sensitive area. I think its totally normal to feel this way after these procedures, the emotions can be very overwhelming, but you will get through it!

Best of luck to you!! I hope you feel better soon. 

Thank you for your reply. This site is so helpful and supportive In being able to talk to others going through similar things. My family are supportive but I dont think they understand why I'm feeling so fragile in their eyes "it's all over and done with now". I'm worried about the results from the LLETZ also. 


Hie ladies

I had my LLETZ done a week ago ago I was also very emotional, I still am actually though better but developing an infection has made me emotionally vulnerable again. I cry so easily. The whole experience was so terrible for me, not because of the pain but the emotions were too much for me. Cried during the procedure and after.

You are not alone and here is to hoping we will be ok

I was like this too. It is a huge and underestimated trauma to have part of your cervix removed. This is one of our most intimate and important organs. I was surprised that I came home crying afterwards, as physically I felt nothing due to the anaesthetic, but emotionally it was traumatic for me. 


Take care of yourself and heal well! x