Emotional support

Hi all… I have had 5 children, 6 pregnancies and I am 42 yrs old. I’ve been having bleeding after sex for over 8months and pain. Sometimes the pain following sex lasts into the next 24 hours… like a deep period pain. GP referred me in September and I was sent a letter saying if I’d not heard anything by 15/11/23 to call the clinic. I called the clinic in 17/11/23 to be laughed at and told the letter was a pre covid letter. With the back log this recommendation no longer stands! She advised my referral would be triaged and decided if I would be seen in clinic or referred back to GP care. She also advised that if clinic was necessary it was likely I would wait 9months to be seen. At the beginning of December went back to my GP and explained. She referred again and I got my appointment… for a Saturday… yesterday! The letter stated a consultation. The staff were great they took a good history and expected to find and ectropion as I had had one before. The nurse conducted a colonoscopy and said definitely not an ectropion but there were 2 areas in my cervix which looked patchy, so she took a biopsy. She also told me the colposcopy would be documented as (i think she said) inconclusive as she could not view all of my cervix. I don’t know why she could not view it all and now this is worrying me. Along with having to wait 4 weeks for results. She also said that if these results come back negative she is going to request a scan to look further. Whilst I hope this is her being extra cautious I am concerned that she thinks there is more to it. The biopsy’s were not too bad at all, what I wasn’t prepared for was how it would affect me emotionally. I’ve not stopped crying! The children knew I had a hospital appointment but I have not told them I had biopsy’s. I didn’t think there was a need to worry them until the results were in but I am find it really hard to carry on as normal. My husband is not very sympathetic to the situation. Whilst he was about when I had the colposcopy, I tend to physically put a brave face on things and so he thinks I’m fine but emotionally I’m not and he shuts down, not accepting emotions until there’s a result to get emotional about. I know this is his way of dealing with it but when it is our bodies that go through so much I feel like I need some acknowledgement that he is sympathetic to how it is making me feel. I’m not sure how I’m going to be the next 4 weeks… it’s only been a day!

You are doing amazingly. Worrying about your husband isn’t helping you. It would be better if he was supportive but he’s not so don’t waste energy on wishing he was different. Make sure you have one supportive friend that you can tell and lean on them for support if he can’t/wont step up xx

Thank you…. My heart sank this morning when I received a letter from the hospital in the post… it was so in detail I really thought it was building to my result but in actual fact it was just detailing what they had done when they took the biopsy…. The waiting is so hard x