Emotional mess

Had my furst LLeitz on the 18th Jan, doing good, bleeding and pain but that i was expecting. Crying i was not, i am an emotional mess is this normal?


Really sorry you’re feeling this way. I had my first LLETZ on 11th Jan for CIN3 and CGIN, I’ve just turned 28 and don’t yet have a family.

I expected to be very emotional because of the higher risk of miscarriage and premature birth, having a family is something I really want, and I thought I would be really emotional, but I’ve been absolutely fine. For every horror story out there, there’s a positive story right behind it.

I think everyone deals with it differently and there is no right or wrong way to feel. I am sending you all my love and I hope everything works out well for you. X

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I’ve had my first lletz today. The leaflet I got literally says it’s normal to feel ‘weepy’ so I would say what you’re feeling is completely fine and hopefully it settles soon x

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Hi @Janes how are you getting on now? Also diagnosed with CGIN which is terrifying me because apparently it’s harder to treat. I don’t yet have kids either and this a big deal for me. Hope your margins come back clean xx

Hey @llihl13,

Aww im sorry to hear you have CGIN also. The Dr explained to me that because it was in the canal of my cervix, a LLETZ procedure would be the best way to get rid of it. She wasnt keen on doing it because of my age etc, and would have preferred to burn the area away, but because she couldn’t be confident she would get it all, she recommended the LLETZ.

I feel okay. I had a period the day after which lasted a week, and then on Friday I had to get a course of antibiotics because I ended up with an infection (foul smelling green discharge, yuck!!), but I feel fine now.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that I feel quite hormonal? But I often do the week after my period so I’m not overly concerned.

Have you been offered a LLETZ procedure for CGIN? If you have any concerns at all regarding it, please drop me a message. I hope everything works out for you xxx

Hi @Janes, thanks for sharing your story. Glad to hear it wasn’t too bad (apart from the infection part!). Keep me posted with your margins.

I’m a bit stumped actually as I literally had a phone call from the doctor about an hour ago saying the biopsy came back with HPV only (no CIN or CGIN). I know I should be relieved but she said she could SEE changes in the canal so I don’t understand how it can’t be CGIN?! Anyway, she’s said to come back in a year. Not sure if I should leave it there or get a second opinion. Thank you for your support xxx


Hi @llihl13,

I still haven’t heard anything back. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since I had the LLETZ.

Oh I totally understand you’re confusion over that phone call. I don’t think you’d be doing any harm to get a second opinion. If I found myself in that situation I think I’d look to get seen again just to be on the safe side. Fingers crossed everything is HPV only as they say xx