Emotional after Leetz


Sorry for the long post. Wanted to get the full story out.

I first had Leetz under general on the NHS in 2012 for CIN 2, results came back CIN 1. I had a really positive experience. Doctors and nurses were amazing, they were kind, patient, understanding and explained everything and gave me options.

I’m now in Australia on a work assignment and got refererred to a colposcopy due to hpv and low grade abnormalities. I said to the doctor at the start of the appointment that if treatment was required I would prefer it done there and then (cost, upcoming travel and I get really anxious waiting). I was very anxious and everything happened so quickly. He ended up doing Leetz but I’ve no idea what he saw and why he didn’t stop to tell or ask me that he was doing it. The thing I find weird is that when I was getting undressed the nurse asked what are we doing today and he said Leetz and that was before even looking at me.

I‘m feeling really emotional now. I haven’t slept for 3 nights and have been unable to work as I feel so anxious. I called the doctor yesterday and asked what he saw and why he did the Leetz. He said because you were really anxious and told me to do it at the start of the appointment. When I questioned what grade he said just abnormalities then when I pushed for an more of an answer he said maybe CIN 2 but I was was just doing what you told me to do. I feel like the appointment was rushed and he is dismissing my feelings and that he did Leetz without actually seeing what grade CIN.


I just feel so emotional and I can’t stop crying. I’m waiting for the results so that isn’t helping. My boyfriend said I should have been more clear when I went into the appointment. I know I was a bit of a mess when I went in but I still expected the doctor to communicate with me. Am I being crazy? Did I do the wrong thing by being so anxious that I didn’t communicate properly? I didn’t feel emotional like this last time. I really need to get back to work but can concentrate.


Really miss the NHS!



Oh gosh I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience and I totally empathize with the anxiety during the wait. 

Not sure how it works in Australia but is it possible to go back and ask for a second opinion off a different Doctor? 

Sending hugs x