Emigrating & one last meet in Leeds!!!

Can anybody tell me what time we are meeting on Saturday in Leeds?
Thanks jill xxx

Hi Jill
1pm, Henrys bar,Greek Street,
See you there
Mel x

Thanks for that Mel, see you then.
Love Jill xxx

Am gutted,

Am now not able to make this meet, Due to the volcano cloud I now have to work, as a senior nurse is stuck and not able to get back for her shifts, we have to take turns in covering her shifts and i landed tomorrow morning :frowning:

Elaine I hope you and the girls have a fantastic time, I would have looked to see you before you leave.
All the best
Much love
Mel x x

Hey Mel,

Dont worry about it hun… What a shame tho, would have loved to meet up again.!!

Take care.

Hey girls,

Thank you so so much for a great afternoon yesterday… It was really touching to see so many of you - and many who had travelled so far.!!! (hope your journeys home were good too)…

I had such a lovely afternoon (althought the £9 wine helped turn it into an emotional one later on)…

You are all truly wonderful and inspiring women, who I am honoured to have met and call my friends.!

I will continue working hard for “the cause” from the other side of the world… and there is always always a bed going spare if you are ever passing through…

I will still be around and thank you for being a huge part of my life for so long.

Rob/Claire/Rebecca - thank you from us all for the wonderful gift. We will totally enjoy a fantastic day out.!
It was totally unexpected and the boys and Ray all say thank you too.

Take care

Hi girls,
I had a great time yesterday in Leeds. I met some lovely girls, it was lovely to put a face to a name. Elaine had a great time, although she probably can’t remember.
It was so nice of some of the girls to come all the way from London.
I felt so sad to leave Elaine, when I got back to my hotel, I wanted to go back to her.
It was very emotional yesterday, we all remembered the lovely young girls who are no longer here and the ones who are very ill.
We’ve all had a hard time and we’ve all been so brave, so it was so nice to relax and have a good laugh.
Elaine will be so missed, who knows she might come back one day. I didn’t realise how many of the girls raise so much money for charity, you are amazing.
Debbie I hope you are ok today, you were a nice shade of green when you left. Your grandaughter is beautiful and your daughter is a lovely girl.
Kaz brought her daughter along she is a lovely girl and beautiful too.
Once again it was fab to meet you all, I hope we can do it again soon.

All my Love Jill xxx

Hi Girls,
Click the following link to see Elaines farewell Pics.


photos are great the look on my daughters and my face Elaine lol :shock: …we both had a fab day and kinda night by the time we left :slight_smile: thanks for your kind comment Jill. was so nice to meet new as well as the old faces of course cough cough! we will miss you sooooo much Elaine but steph will be safe with me i promise hahah love ya all bunches love kaz xx :lol:

Hi Everyone,
What a really great day we had in leeds on Saturday,It was lovely to see everyone,and didn’t we have fun!
Kaz it was so nice to see you, after all the support you gave me when i was ill, i
was so pleased to meet you at last and your Beautiful Daughter.
Elaine and Debbie who make me laugh so much,(a real Tonic) do you prefer Wine or Cocktails Debbie! and Jill who is so supportive of everyone,and Thankyou to your Husband for the lovely photos of us all.
To Echo what Jill says,I hope we can all meet up again soon
Lots of Love Liz xx

Hi Liz,
It was lovely to meet you in person on saturday. I really enjoyed our get together, we did have fun.
The only sad thing is, next time we meet Elaine won’t be there(boo hoo).
Once again great to meet you all, I will remember our day for many years.
Love to you all girls Jill xxx