Emigrating & one last meet in Leeds!!!

Hi everyone,

Well after years of talking about it, we are at last moving 12000 miles to start a new life “down under”…

Jos Trust has been a very important part of my life and the girls I have met (and men!!) are some of my favourite people in the world and are like sisters to me…
I do believe that without you, I may not have been here to be able to write this today or to have the courage to try something new.

I am hoping (with some prompting from Shoops, Pat and a few other Jos girls) to have a bit of a last “lets meet” in Leeds to celebrate and to say a fond “farewell” to my friends, old and new.!!

The date we have decided is to be 17th April, but the venue still needs confirming BUT it will be around 1pm to allow people to travel/travel back.

Hope to finally meet some of you (Emma and others) and also see some new faces as I would like to think the local meets would continue long after I have moved on… In fact, I will make sure that I start a new one in Melbourne, even if I am the only one there to start with.

You are all very welcome to bob in and say hello if you are ever over in Oz for a holiday (Zoe!!) and I will stay in touch on Jos, and will very much be flying the flag for the Jos Girls and will support all the campaigns in England just as I would have done if I had still been living in sunny Yorkshire.

I will keep everyone posted on venue, but fingers crossed some of you might make it,


Hi Elaine,
Noooo!!! I never got to meet you :cry: :cry: :cry: !!! Seriously though, best of luck with your big move, can’t say I blame you, Oz, how lovely :smiley: :smiley: xx


I can’t make the Let’s Meet but I just wanted to wish you a fantastic life in Oz!!

I have been on Jo’s for nearly 5 years albeit, the last couple of years I have been in the background and not often posting on the forum. When I see your posts I always think that you are such an inspirational lady. I hope that you will still be posting even when you are 12,000 miles away!!

I just wanted to wish you all the best for your new life down under on Oz - I think it is absolutely fantastic to be making such a move and enjoying life.

All the very best to you and your family.
Love Rachel x

Hi Elaine

I have tried to pm you twice but not sure whether they have reached you or not, can you please let me know.


Julie xx

Hey Elaine :slight_smile:

I would absolutely love to be there but unfortunately I can’t as it’s my OH Stag do that day and our wedding on 23rd :frowning:
So gutted I won’t be able to be there to send you off and finally meet the lady who helped me with lots of kind words and support when I joined Jos a year ago :frowning:
You will have an amazing life in Oz and I wish you all the love and luck in the world on your journey x x x

loadsa love,

Emma x x x x x

Hey hun,

I’ll be there.Would be lovely to see you again before you go.Would be nice to travel up together with the other girlies from the south.Lis.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :smiley:

Hi Elaine,
I’m gobsmacked and sad, that you are leaving England. I will try my best to come. I will book a hotel now. Is it def 17 April and is it in Leeds. I will come down for the weekend, I love Leeds. Let me know venue asap. It will be such a sad occasion and I know we will all cry. You have always been one of my favourite jos girls. Let me know arrangements as soon as you can. Lts of Love jill xxx

Hi Elaine I’ve booked a hotel for 17th April, please dont change the date. Really looking forward to seeing all the girls. Lots of Love jill xxx

Dear All

I would encourage as many people to go as possible as we can’t miss the opportunity to give Elaine a good send off. I, for one, will definitely be booking my train ticket up to Leeds. I wouldn’t miss it :wink:

Best wishes

Hi all,

Ok Venue (to be confirmed) will be :



I have got a 20% voucher off our food bill, and I have emailed them to ask them to segregate us from other part of bar so that we are private.

A little closer to the time, I will ask for numbers so that I can confirm with them.


Hi, If anybody wants to stay over in Leeds for the night, I booked 2 Nights at the 4 Star Queens hotel, right next to the railway station, for 2 people, it cost £55.00 per night bed and breakfast. I booked with late rooms.co.uk.There are some excellent rates available. Jill xxx

Good Luck Elaine,

I’ll miss you even though I only met you once at the Let’s Meet last year.

Enjoy your new life ‘Down under’.


I’m not going to make it I’m afraid, as I just can’t get the time off work. But Elaine, I’ll do everything I can to detour to Melbourne when we’re in Aus next year. And we’ll have a mini meet then.

Love you lots - and see you on FB :slight_smile:

Z xxx


i will be there and been in leeds is easy for me any one wantin to stay over at mine is welcome as long as i no u lol
this will be very sad as elaine means so much to me i see her more then any 1 as we are both in yorkshire elaine as also been a rock to me and gave me support and laughs when ive been low all i can say is watch out oz shes on a mission xxx see u all the 17th xxxx debi x

Hi Elaine,
Is it still going ahead 17th April? Hope so, looking forward to seeing everybody. Love Jill xxx

Hi Jill,

Yes it is
DEFINATELY going ahead.!!! Looking forward to it… Will be great to meet up with all the Jos girls for one last time… so glad you are coming.

Debi, cant wait to see you grandma.!

I will check on final numbers beg week next week so I can let Henrys Bar know.


hiya Elaine

im sorry but i wont be able to make it, the outlaws friend is over from america and they want me to meet her!

i hope you have a fantastic new life in oz. I’m so happy to have met you, you are an amazing woman and i had a fantastic evening with you at the last jos meet in London. Breakfast was a giggle too, what bout the salt and pepper pots…!

Keep in contact through facebook and let us know how things are going in the sunshine.

Love you lots Birthday twin!!!

Catherine xxxxxx

Hi Elaine,
Count me in, really looking forward to meeting up again.
Lots of Love Liz xx

Hi all,

Right, so far I have the following names for Saturday. I am sorry if missed u off, if I have let me know - or if you now can come just let me know so that I can let Henrys bar know change in numbers.!!!
See you all on Saturday.

Mel D
Lisa A
Lisa De Coursey
Rei (plus one)
Jill S
Jo (leeds)

I’m so sad I can’t make it, would loved to of met you Elaine, just wanted to wish you all the very best for your fantastic new life ahead :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Hope you all have a lovely day Sat xxxxxxx