Embarrassing question!

Hi ladies, 

Rather embarrassing but here goes....

I know about abstaining from intercourse following LLETZ/diathermy etc but is it ok to have an orgasm?!

Is it just because of the infection risk/irritation during intercourse or does the physical change of the cervix during orgasm pose a risk?! 


No question too embarrassing on jo's! 

I don't know unfortunately but hopefully someone will, and I'm sure we'll all be interested in the answer!

Molly xx

Thank you Molly! :-) 

Hi Shelley

I'm not at all sure that an orgasm has too much effect on the cervix, as long as it's your orgasm and nobody else's ;-) I expect that the abstention from penetrative sex is all about the bouncing around and things getting boshed about. I would imagine that a bit of flicking the bean is harmless, and probably great for morale.


Go well!


Haha, thanks Tivoli! 

Husband and I are getting rather frustrated but neither of us want to risk upsetting things down there! 

Shelley :-) 

Hello. Its because of infection and irritation xxx

I think it's so you don't end up poking at the healing tissue I guess lol! 

Lol! Thank you all :-) 

I don't honestly know, but I am 3 and a half weeks after a cone biopsy and if I do become aroused it hurts in my stomach. Apparently that's fine, as when you become aroused the uterus and therefore cervix move.

Just kissing my partner is setting off awful stomach cramps. It is getting less painful but I don't think I'd want to risk an orgasm just yet

Ooh, that sounds unpleasant, hope it settles down soon for you. It's been 16 days since my treatment and I still haven't risked it! No signs of infection but I just don't feel right! 

Oh he is loving it, he now knows how easily he can turn me on as I suddenly start grabbing my stomach and complaining.

I think you will know when it is right :)