Embarrassing Question

I have just met with the doctor who will be administering my radiation.  He says I will need the maximum treatment--28 external radiation treatments and 5 internal radiation treatments (brachytherapy).  Just wondering if I should continue to shave down there?  I normally do, but I must admit, since I had surgery I am still very sensitive down there.  (I was supposed to get a radical hysterectomy, but when the doctor saw a cancerous lymph node, she took out a few more lymph nodes and then closed me up so I could do chemorads).  Let me know what you think:)


That's a sensible question not embarrassing! They advise not to shave due to skin irritation. So I stopped. Then I developed during radiation alopecia down there... Unfortunately that didn't last and 4 months later. It's back to razor again. Hope that helps.


i lost all hair down there during radiation So really no point but is you feel uncomfortable then you can use and electric razor as it is not as hard on the skin. They advise against razor as it can be risky with infection as your immune system will be weakened by treatment. Just trim up a bit but don't go crazy. 

Really it's a personal choice but just keep area clean. I'm over a year post treatment and my hair has come back but it is much softer and not as thick. I still use my electric razor as I find it is much easier on my sensitive lady parts. 

Not an embarrassing question at all :)

Like the other ladies have said,you are advised not to because it could cause irritation. Make the most of the few months that you wont need to;)x

Thank you ladies!  Very helpful!