Embarrassing amounts of wind

Hi you lovely ladies and I will start with an apology 1: for whining again and 2: I’m very embarrassed to ask this as it probably is the normal considering where I’m having the treatment,so I’m sorry.

However today Monday the 5th December I had my 3Rd radio session. A couple of hours later it felt like mystomach was in knots and I could feel each knot. As well as (and my Lil one thinks it’s hilarious) I have ALOT of wind/gas from both ends. And I’m so embarrassed to talk about it as it’s not something a lady should do in public but I can’t stop.
HarleeKwin filling you all with loves and hugs
And for those who read it hope you get a giggle out of it,but any answers would be appreciated

Hi chick, yes pretty sure it's normal. The trumps just pop and and your tummy gurgles like a washing machine

Yup phileepa that's the one! It's rather embarrassing though and presume this is the phase before the diarrhoea stage. SORRY! Way tmi!

Thanks phileepa you're a star!


YAY! It's called 'Fart Club!' and Brad Pitt isn't allowed to join us :-) I'm stunned it's kicked in quite so early but that may depend upon what you are eating. I was denied all sorts of fart-tastic foods during my treatment so that may have delayed its progress. Anyone asks, you were just talking about the US president elect :-)

Gotta laugh about it :-)
Be lucky :-)

Hi there,

you are correct in assuming that it's the prelude to the diarrhea.  Just before my huge bout of diarrhea that lasted from the end of my second week until about 2 weeks after finishing treatment it all started with a week of knots and gas. Stay away from anything that would normally give you gas and be prepared with Imodium. You are about to start blowing more then wind. Good luck... 

i had to get a different medication as the imodium did nothing for me regardless of what I ate or didnt eat. 

Welcome to treatment ....the fun is starting. 

As for being a lady, from this point on it might be harder then you think, might as well adopt a new perspective and become familiar with you butt having full on conversations with you and those around. 

My husband actually bought me the poo emoji pillow as a joke


That's brilliant Lolli that you can joke about it like that! I have had to change my perspective to be honest and finally now I'm not being choked when my Lil 8 yr old let's rip and she is more than happy to tell me how much I smell or how people should avoid the toilet if I've been in there! I'm fine with it now,trying to just go along with it day by day. Only plans in my life is my treatment plan. I learnt in the first 3 days that you can't plan anymore and have to take each day as it comes. I'd like to say it was me realising I can't do it all. But I'm not taking credit for the advice from you ladies. Who have been with me and replying for what seems like forever! And so thank-you all of you ladies I have learnt alot from conversing on this forum. And whatever happens I will always be on here. Helping everyone like you do.... I hope?

Thank-you for your replies 


It's normal! I had loads of wind mainly burps and would belch abound 20/30 times a day it does eventually go