Eleven years

Hi lladies I used to post on jos many years ago but not so often now although I still have lots of friends I've made through jos I just wanted to share that I was diagnosed 11 years ao today. Cc with spread to my lymph glands so radical hysterectomy followed by four weeks of daily radiotherapy and still here xxxx keep strong ladies. You are all amazing xx


Thank you so much for posting this.  When you first get this diagnosis you never know what is in store for you on this journey and it is so heartening to read this.  

Personally for me today as tomorrow my hysterectomy is scheduled.



Hi Janie!

Thankyou so much for sharing this with us!
It’s so nice to hear positive stories! it gives us all hope :slight_smile: … Especially after my recent surgery!

Take care :slight_smile: and I want to see a 12 year clear next year! :slight_smile:

Em xx

Thanks Janie this gives us all hope x