eight months wait for check up after llets. worried. any advice please. Iim new on here

Had llettz in sep. And it was awful. The dr was horrible. I then had lots of trouble with bleeding and infections so I went back

And the nurse performed cautary and stopped the bleeding. About a week later I had received a letter saying that the doctor was unsure if he 

Had removed all the abnormal cells and would like to see me by in the clinic in 

Six months. So ive waited and waited for my letter. Eight months on I finally rang them

To see if I  was still needed. And the very nice receptionist explained I should of been there two months ago

And that she can not understand why I havent been sent an appointment.  Im now very worried

If therr were still abnormal cells before how much can they develop in this time. Plus ive been missig periods

And having odd pains still. Has anyone experienced anything like this. Thanks 

Hi xxlaura88xxt

Have the hospital given you your appointment date? hopefully they will be able to answer your questions and get you checked out. Im sorry I dont know about the progression of the cells but hopefully they wll get you in soon.