Eggs collection


I was diagnosed with CC in December and last week confirmed the surgery is not an option. I will go through radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I am 29 and wanted to start trying for a baby in December last years

I spoke to two clinics and both are not sure how to approach eggs collection through the vagina. I have discussed this with a nurse and she said it should be taken out through the key hole surgery/laparoscopy.

I live in East Sussex and there are no places here where they can use general anaesthetic. Doctor I spoke with confirmed in London they can do this kind of operation.

I called one clinic in London and they are not doing it anymore. I am trying to find a place they could collect eggs this way - if anyone will read this and knows the place like this, could you please recommend? I don't mind travelling but I don't have too much time for the whole process that's why I am trying to ask everywhere.

If any of you had eggs collected could you please confirm how they collected them?


thank you

Hi Klaudia,

i cannot advise you on the experience itself as I decided not to go ahead with egg preservation. However, I had an appointment with a fertility specialist from Guys hospital and they do these kind of procedures. My understanding back then was that they will check your fertility level and for a period of ~ 15 days you will take medication to increase your egg production and following this under general anaesthetic they will collect the eggs and acccess your ovaries through the vagina. However, before you start the radiotherapy you will need to wait your ovaries to come back to the original size thus you willl need to wait 15 days or so depends on the person. 

I hope everything goes well with your treatment.

Maria  xx



Not sure if I'm too late to help you but I was referred to a local IVF clinic by my GP then further referred to the ACU at Guys in London. The consultants/doctors/nurses I came into contact with were all lovely! 

I had my ovaries transposed so transvaginal collection was not an option, and they retrieved the eggs via the abdomen. Although they did do an interal ultrasound to be sure. 

It was done under general anaesthetic (I think they only do GA), I did require a longer recovery time on ward - 4hrs rather than the usual 1. 

I have 2 poke marks on my left hand side and 5 on my right, so there was no cuts or stitches. 

I had the procedure on 19/02 and my abdomen is sore and swollen but that's it. 


I had a 4cm tumor that grew out of my cervix into the surrounding tissue to the left - if that makes sense - and surgery was not an option for me. However I still had my egg retreival done vaginally. If you don't mind travelling, you could maybe ask the fertility doctors in Plymouth University Hospital, Derriford. I don't know the full story but it seems that doctors have different opinions all over the country about what is the best thing to do.