Egg freezing&MRI Result- not sure how to feel!

So I had my first appointment for egg freezing this morning, everyone was lovely but it was a very traumatic experience, it really hit home how enormous this all is. A week and a day ago my biggest concern was booking driving lessons. All of a sudden I was making massive decisions about things I am not ready for! Starting fertility treatment this eve and himself will help with embryos :wink:
So in 2 weeks time there will hopefully be a few potential mini-mes stored away somewhere (sorry for the imagery but you have to laugh)
A few hours later, I got my MRI results over the phone: “No evidence of cervical mass” NO. EVIDENCE. OF. CERVICAL. MASS.
I am now beyond confused.
The lovely clinical nurse (she has the patience of a saint and has put up with a few of my meltdowns over the phone, she is great) told me that what is there is so microscopic that the MRI could not see it. This was NOT what I was expecting AT ALL.
I will still require treatment as it is adenocarcinoma and they cannot sign off on that treatment until my PET but somehow the terror of infertility and early menopause seems far more manageable in the space of a few minutes. I don’t want to get my hopes up at all, I’ve been let down by docs along the way telling me I was fine when all along I had feckin CANCER so I am not throwing any parties as I still have cancer and have a long road ahead but the MRI says there is NO TUMOUR IN MY PELVIS.
I’m really not sure how to feel, I am almost afraid to be happy in case I get a huge let down again.
What do you ladies think? Any of you who are awaiting treatmemt/having treatment to get better; did your cc show up on the MRI? Was it visible? I genuinely assumed I had a tennis ball in there. I hope you don’t mind my asking as I’m by no means out of the woods and will definitely be having treatment too in a few weeks which will more than likely take away my fertility so that’s all still there to deal with.
M xx

I am SO pleased you have this news.  I know you want to be cautious but MRI's are very accurate.

As you know I was 1B1.  My tumour also did not show up on the MRI either.  When I had my trachelectomy they found NO cancer in what was removed.  It turned out that they had gotten it all in the original Lletz.  This does happen a fair bit but they have to treat as they do not have clear margins.  This is very good news and I am so pleased for you.  If all is well with your PET scan remember to ask about fertility sparing treatments - there is genuine hope  xxxxx







Hi Maeve,

That is amazing. You must be so relieved. Obviously there are the remaing cells and aftercare to deal with but just wow, hopefully they have something much less drastic they can do for you. big hugs x x

Oh believe me, I will. If they can even leave me my fertility for a few more years and monitor me really closely I would be happy with that. If taking the whole lot out is the only way then I'll learn to live with that, as long as I HAVE my life. The PET scan could reveal anything, it could be anywhere! But I am going to TRY and cross that bridge when I come to it. I'm not hopeful tbh as it is adenocarcinoma which os fuelled by the oestrogen in the ovaries so I imagine they'll want it dealt with. Thank you for your good wishes Nellie, I really appreciate you getting back. Assuming you are well ? X

Hi Soozy,

Thank you. It's weird, I hadn't properly cried since the disgnosis, I had a few staring-into-the-middle-distance tears but nothing of note. When I hung up the phone from the nurse I wailed. I cried like I have never cried before. I know I still have a long road to get over this through treatment and recovery. But the knowledge that there is no tumour on my cervix right now is like a psychological exorcism. Who knows what the PET will reveal. But I am grateful to my body and to the medical team right now. Xx

Hi there!

Just wanted to reply.. Firstly great news about the MRI! And great that you are giving yourself another option in collecting the eggs, this is certainly a security for you no matter what.. 

Now, you keep writing that because you have adenocarcinoma your ovaries should go.. As far as I'm aware there's no research confirming that, but I might be wrong. What I know for sure is that I had 1b1 adenocarcinoma and was treated at one of if not the best hospital in London by a very experienced consultant who didn't even mention taking my ovaries and instead I had a fertility preserving surgery and lymph node removal.. There are plenty of girls out here who had the same type of cancer and the same surgery as me, leaving the ovaries..

I'm not sure why you are told those things by your consultant but perhaps you should think of getting a second opinion? I know that you can refer yourself to a different consultant for a second opinion and you have a right to choose where you want to be treated on the NHS..

I don't want to give you false hope but if you are not entirely convinced that this is the right way for you, a second opinion won't hurt..

Good luck and feel free to pm me if you like..

xxx Anna

Hi Anna,

It's so great that you got to preserve your fertility. That would be my dream. However, I'm in Ireland and not sure if it works the same here however I will be meeting with my GP tomorrow and I'll go through it with him. I won't go down without a fight on this. 


Oh, I didn't know you were in Ireland, maybe it's a different situation with choosing where to be treated over there, but surely methods of treatment shouldn't vary much. Good luck, please fight for yourself, I really hope it works out well for you.. I've read a few stories here where differents consultants suggested different treatments so it does depend on who you get and it's worth checking all the options..

Fingers crossed for you!


Oh Maeve that is such a relief!

Do please ask about having just a trachelectomy, it sounds like a miracle cure!

Be lucky :-)