Effects of LLETZ x2

I had the LLETZ procedure in August, told it was fine, all cells removed, a week later they phoned me back and said I had to come in. I was told they hadn't removed all the cells and I was to have another LLETZ either that day or six months after the first procedure. I decided to wait six months which is coming up in a few weeks. I was told originally the procedure could have an effect on miscarriage and early labour. I'm 34 with no kids and I'm suddenly really anxious about the effects the second procedure may have. Can anyone direct me to info about this? Thanks.

You should be able to have another smear first and see the results of that, hopefully the last lletz cleared everything or your bodies immune system. If it comes back abnormal then I personally wouldn't risk leaving it and I'd want it removed. Let them know you're concerned about future pregnancy. You're right having lletz especially more than one can cause an imcompitent cervix so put you at risk of premature labour but they will monitor that and can place a stitch in to hold your cervix closed. 

Thanks Libby that's really helpful

I have had 2 LLETZ procedures so have done a bit of research. I am 34 and fortunate enough to have my 2 children and I have had 2 surrogate babies. I really wanted to be a surrogate again but I think the risk of premature labour means I won't be able to sadly, they took 5cm of cervix in total. However, I know that if I wanted another child of my own then I could take that 'risk'. My consultant really wanted to avoid a hysterectomy because of my age - I was 33 at the time. He didn't want to take away my fertility so he obviously knows I can still go on to have more children otherwise he would have just taken away my uterus! You can have a cervical stitch (cerclage) put in place to stop your cervix opening too early.

From my research I have come to the conclusion that yes it is a greater risk, but it is just that - a risk, not a definite!! I read that 20% of people will go into early labour - which sounds quite high, but if you flip it - that means 80% will carry as normal!!!

Ask for a smear before your second treatment but whilst you still have a uterus you can still attempt to carry a baby so stay positive and I really hope everything works out for you :) xx

Thank you Rainbows! This may seem like a stupid question but my next treatment is in three weeks, why should I get a smear first and do I have time to get that done before the treatment? Thanks