eeek. 6 month check.

Hey ladies...hope we are all ok. I haven't posted for a while. .

Received my check up letter after having my cin2 removed but I'm due on the day before my check up! What can I do? Doctors for the pill before hand? Will that work? I'm freaking out so much about the appointment and it's just sods law :(

Hi Jodes89,

Dont worry you can call the colposcopy clinic and rearrange the appointment. If your on the pill just take another packet back to back so that you miss your period.

Oh Ok thank you.  In 2 minds about cancelling -just want to get it over and done with in a way but another I'm bricking it going there if that makes sense?

I'm not on the pill at all - took myself off it but I've booked an appointment at my docs for Friday see what can be done anyway xx

It completely makes sense Hun. In one way you want it to come soon so that it's over and done with but then in another the thought of going through it all again is horrible.

I've just had my 6 month follow up smear and i know exactly how you feel.

If you give them a call there might be a sooner appointment available. Xxx

Thank you for putting my mind abit more at ease :)

I hope yours comes back ok.

Think I'll try calling them later and explain the situation :) xxx