Ectropion treatment?

Morning all! Just a little background on me - I was found to have squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix around 9 years ago which I had treatment for and now have yearly colposcopy. Each time I go they always tell me I have an ectropion, it’s never caused me any bother at all so I’ve never thought any more about it. For the past 6 months I’ve been bleeding after sex & every time I have a bowel movement, not heavy enough to be alarmed but enough for it to be a nuisance as it now happens daily. The GP has examined me & confirmed that it’s likely to be the ectropian and has suggested changing my contraceptive pill. Has anyone had any similar experiences? As it turns out the pill he’s prescribed actually says you shouldn’t take it if you’ve had cervical cancer in the past so I cant take it anyway, I’m just wondering if anyone has had successful treatment of an ectropion as I don’t think mine is going to settle on its own now.
Thank you!

Hi Suzieb87

I don’t have any experience of cervical ectropion but just noticed you haven’t had any replies yet. I suggest going back to your doctor because it appears you have been inappropriately prescribed a type of contraceptive pill.

in case you haven’t already found it there is some information on this website about ectropion:

So your GP has said your bleeding is ‘likely’ to be the ectropion. Are you comfortable with that diagnosis? If in doubt I would consider asking for further investigtions - just in case. Maybe your next coloscopy could be brought forward if it’s not due for several months?


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