Ectropion & severe dyskariosis

Just thought I’d share my experience and see if anyone can relate… I’m 23 and have had discomfort and bleeding, firstly during intercourse and then became random spotting, finally after months and months of pushing doctors, they diagnosed a cervical ectropion. Doctors did a smear but lab refused to test it. Nearly a year on I have finally had a smear test and had the ectropion cauterised so I thought it was over… Doctors phoned today to say the test results showed severe dyskaryosis and the hospital should have been in contact by now so I need to call them ASAP. Surely the ectropion and abnormal results are linked… I’m so cross it wasn’t tested sooner!

That's so frustrating! I was going from 17 with unusual bleeding & pain & never got a smear till I was 25 which was severely abnormal. Just endless std after std check!


im not sure if the two are connected. You should have an appointment for a coloscopy though? I wish I'd been more assertive now. I am now.

Thank you so much for posting this! I'm 26 and have just been told I have a cervical ectropion. I've noticed random spotting after sex before [over the last few years in particular] and mentioned it at my smear test [six months ago] but the nusrse dismissed this as normal. She even said all vaginas are different and not to expect them all to behave the same... But finally my new doctor has taken me seriously and during a very quick examination, diagnosed straight away. Whilst it isn't causing me any major issues, it is annoying and something I could do without.

She's now refered me to have it cauterised but I'm terrfied it's going to lead to even more problems. I also have polycystic ovaries, have had plenty of examinations before so I'm more annoyed that this hasn't been spotted beforehand! 

Mine has now been diagnosed as cancer. Waiting on mri and cheat xray results! So let down by the nhs!!!