Ectropion / Erosion, Post Menopause

21 years ago I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, I was treated with chemo a total body radiation.

This sent me in to menopause at the age of 25 and I was put on to HRT to protect my bones.

I am now 46 and have been off HRT for a few years now but over the last few months I have been spotting on and off.

The spotting not hard to miss as I have not menstrated since my mid 20's.

Today I went for my smear and swabs were taken, but the nurse said she could see ectropion which could be the cause of my spotting.

After googling ectropion (cervical erosion) I found a link to a topic on this website -

I have no firm diagnosis of anything just yet but this seems the best place to ask for advice, so I hope nobody minds me posting here.

From what I have read on line I understand that ectropion in most cases effects those with high oestrogen levels - the young

snd the pregnant and those on HRT. As I have been off HRT for some years I am none of these.

Further reading on line says that ectropion is 'indistinguishable from early cervical cancer'.

I just wanted to know if anyone post menopause has been told they have ectropoin?

Hi Livvy,

Goodness you have had an interesting time of it haven't you! Wow! and welcome :-)

I am sorry that I cannot answer your question but just wanted to say that you are definitely in the right place and that hopefully somebody will be along soon with an answer for you.

Be lucky


Thank you for the lovely welcome Tivoli :) x

Today I recieved an appointment for an ultra sound for the 18th of this month.