Ectropic Cervix or something more sinister??

Hello again

I posted a couple of days ago about post-coital bleeding for last couple of years, slowly getting worse, and bleeding (for 2 days) after smear.

My doc sent me for a swab?? I don't have an infection!!

I had clear smear a month ago so she doesnt think there is anything to worry about? 


My question: Can you tell by looking at the cervix if its Cervical Ectropian/Erosion or something more sinister? 


(The nurse that swabbed me said she saw an ectropian, and said that it's most likely this that causes the bleeding).


I'm going to insist on a colposcopy, just wondered what anyone else thought. I didn't sleep last night :-(



Hello, I don’t know the answer to your question but all I will say is please do insist on that colposcopy. In all likelihood, it is the cervical erosion so try not to worry. Also they can cryo cauterise the erosion which will stop the bleeding and is painless.
Hope all goes well for you x

Thanks for yor response. I will insist on the colposcopy. Defo. Ugh. The waiting, I just can't do it. I have had a lot health worries this past year and I was just getting better and feeling ready to go back to work etc... I hope you are right. It's just the more you read up on it, the more you lose faith in the 'system'... so many women are not being diagnosed 'in time'... or being referred. I was so sure of myself as I'd had normal smear results lately! I never knew that they were only 70% effective with 1 in 5 gving out a false negative??!

Sorry. Think I need to go to bed. Thanks for responding, I havent got anyone to talk to really, so cheers. I hope you are ok with whatever it is you are dealing with. All the best, take care x

If ever you want to pm to discuss it please feel free. I’ve been where you are now and didn’t take the bleeding seriously enough and just accepted that it was cervical erosion and had it cauterised. I had cervical erosion for many years, but the bleeding for me very suddenly became like the beginning of a period.
With hindsight, if I knew what I know now I would have shouted and screamed until I got seen by colposcopy!! For me though I did have a history of abnormal smears.
Sorry to hear you have had other health worries too, I am sure this will turn out to be fine though and you will be able to celebrate a healthy, stress free Christmas!!! :slight_smile:
J xx

Thanks, I have inboxed... Sorry to go on, I hope you don't mind... Youre a star xx