Ectropian treatment!

Hi all,

This is my first post as I can't find the answers I'm looking for! I have read threads previously and got so much support and reassurance from these during a scary time! 

So.....I had CIN 3 in November 2010 and had LLETZ treatment, annual smears normal since then :-) 

However, since the LLETZ I've been back and forth to my GP and gynaecologist due to irregular bleeding and post-coital bleeding. I have had blood tests and ultrasounds which were all normal and I was finally referred back to colposcopy clinic a couple of months ago due to an ectropian (was so relieved as the Gynae registrar thought it was a sinister looking polyp)! I went back to colposcopy clinic on Thursday for diathermy. I asked questions but wasn't given any written advice. The verbal advice I was given seems to contradict things I've read online (but this all seems to talk about diathermy after LLETZ and not just as a procedure alone). 

Has anyone else had this treatment? How long before I can soak in the bath, go to the gym, swim, have intercourse, use tampons etc......? The nurse said 1-2 weeks but I've read on some sites to wait 6 weeks! I don't want to undo the treatment and be back to square one but also don't want to avoid these things unnecessarily! 

Hope someone can shed some light! 

Thank you, 



Hey! I was advised 4weeks for tampons, sex etc but my doc said nothing about baths -so I had them straight after pretty mucj! And had no problems personally x

Thank you. Long soak tomorrow then! :-)