Ectopic cervix and cancer?

Dear All, 


I haven't used forums before, but with my recent trip to the doctors, I have come here for advice and support. 

I am 25 years old and I have been on the pill for 11 years, my doctor put me on the pill early due to heavy menstrual cramping/bleeding, I have always suffered with painful periods. 

For over four years, I have always had to wear a sanitary towel due to heavy vaginal discharge. I have been with my fiance now for seven years. Having intercourse has become very painful.

In August two years ago, I lost a baby at 8 weeks, had a coil fitted and had complications which meant I had to have a d & c.

i havent been having normal bleeds on my pill for a few years now. Its barely a bleed. I feel more cramping than experience bleeding. Which prompted me to see my doctor.

Two weeks ago I found a lump in my breast, I have since seen a breast specialist who performed an ultrasound and told my I have a cyst and glandular swelling. About a year ago, they scanned my neck due to a lump, again, glandular/lymph swelling. 

So, the doctor performed an internal and when she pulled out the speculum there was dark blood and lots of vaginal discharge. She told me not to worry but I had a dark halo around my cervix and said it could be ecoptic? She kept telling me not to worry as she was referring me to have a cervix colposcopy. I asked her what the symptoms of cervical cancer were and they were what I have been experiencing. She kept mentioning how long I have been on the pill with a worried face. My appointment is on 18th September. 


Firstly thank you for listening, second of all is there anyone that has been through this? i would really appreciate it. 

Thank you, 



Hi loris. I didn't want to read and run. Try to keep busy and you won't spend so much time worrying. 18th is not too long to wait now. Let us know how you get on. Karen


H Loris,

I see you have posted in Forum protocols.I don't think you will get many

ladies seeing your post here,so maybe try it again on the main forum and

hopefully you will get some more replies.

I hope all your test come back clear and you get to the bottom of why you

have these symptoms.Try not to worry,always hard when you don't know whats

going on.

Keep us posted


Becky x