Ecto-cervical resection is involved

After nearly 4 weeks my results are back. But my god I have no idea what the wording means.

Cin3, the resction margins are clear, however the ectocervical resection margin is involved .

What on earth does this mean? Should I be worried. If they aren't clear why am I referred for a 6 month smear.

Can anyone explain.?


Hi lovely, 


Ectocervical means the margin on the outer area of the cervix. As opposed to the endocervical region which is further up inside the cervix. 


In some cases my understanding from reading up on the research, is that due to the cauterisation of the cervix that takes place after LLETZ, the medical team may consider that it is likely for all of the cells to have been removed, particularly with ectocervical cells. And that the LLETZ in itself will encourage new, healthier cells to be created and produced, fighting any unhealthy cells. 


But you know me, I'm no medical professional, just an avid researcher! Xx

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