Easter eggs

That got you looking didn’t it?!

If anyone would like to buy Easter eggs to be delivered directly to family and friends there is a good selection through easy fundraising http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/jostrust

If you haven’t yet registered you need to visit


Then log in with your email and password and click on this link


and scroll down to click on Thorntons Direct

or click on the link below and then click on Cadbury Gifts Direct


Jo’s Trust will receive a donation each time you make a purchase; and it won’t cost you a penny!

Thanks everyone!

mmmmmmmmm choclate :lol:

no no no not for me great idea i will defo be odering from the net to support jos xxxxxxx

love debi x

Sorry Debi, I put temptation in your way then didn’t I?

Come on everyone, sponsor Debi’s sponsored slim instead of buying chocolate at


She’s put a lock and chain round the fridge and thrown away the key! (lol)


Go debi! You can do it :slight_smile: xxx